CyPhyHouse: A programming framework for rapid development of distributed mobile robotic applications

Ritwika Ghosh, Joao Paulo Jansch-Porto, Peter Du, Daniel Hernandez, Sayan Mitra, and Geir Dullerud
In preparation, 2018

Koord: Language and analysis for robust, distributed, cyber-physical systems

Ritwika Ghosh, Sayan Mitra, and Sasa Misailovic
In preparation, 2018

Porting code across simple mobile robots

Yixiao Lin and Sayan Mitra and Shuting Li

Starl: Towards a unified framework for programming, simulating and verifying distributed robotic systems

Yixiao Lin and Sayan Mitra
ACM SIGPLAN Notices, 2015

Slides from Talks

Koord: A physical coordination and control language

slides, pdf

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